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Become 10X faster in mathematics calculations 

through unique and proven

Kapdec Vedic Math

Online Courses

Designed for students looking to achieve extraordinary skills in high-speed math calculations.

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Kapdec Vedic Math  online classes offer

Complete study materials, live & interactive coaching, and a structured curriculum to excel!

Most, if not all, educational programs offer digital learning without understanding the real needs of students. At Kapdec, our faculty works with each child individually to understand their skills, their strengths, and weaknesses and then carefully craft a unique strategy that makes each child accomplish their ambitions. 


MONTHS of grade level course access.


Questions available for extensive practice.


Quizzes available for extensive practice


Hours of Private Coaching from trained instructors


Dedicated Tutor and Mentor available for each student.


Advanced Performance Evaluation dashboard to help knowledge check

Meet Our Faculty

Faculty members at Kapdec having proudly follow the noble cause of education with only one vision and one mission - educate the world!


Manupriya Tomer


An expert in mathematics. After finishing her post grad degree in computer applications Ms Tomer dedicated her life to live her passion, to help students learn advanced tricks in mathematics. Known as the Math Lady. Ms. Tomer has taught more than 1,600 students. 


Binit Srivastav


A Gold medalist engineer! Binit has proudly chosen education as his career and has taught more than 1,400 students. Serving has head of academics at Kapadec Binit has earned consistently 5-star feedback from his students.


Akash Deep


Mr. Deep, a star amongst students and a mentor to other teachers knows to create love for learning in math. Life long learner and a creator, Mr. Deep is passionate about engineering and STEM programs. 

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Top 5 Reasons to Enroll with Kapdec Vedic Math


Top of the Line Tutors

Kapdec Tutors hold the hands of each students disseminating expert knowledge while offering:

  • More than a decade long experience
  • Have taught more than 5,000 students
  • Dedicated and dependable

Dedicated Counselors

A dedicated counselor for your child, who supports and guides your family and student to ensure clear goal setting and results. 

  • Create a unique path
  • Periodic assessments
  • Explore options to modify plans

Unlimited Support

Learning journey for each child requires continued support, guidance and handholding.  Students need continuous support during and beyond exams. Hence our Tutors will support

  • Combating emotional issues
  • Bolster confidence
  • Solve unlimited doubts

Practice Tools

Practice makes one perfect. An old saying and proven way to success. With Kapdec Vedic Math plans, each student gets:

  • 100,000+ practice questions, of grade level questions
  • 20+ full length exams
  • Unlimited practice quizzes

High Quality Content

Students can also benefit by practice using our intensive Math and Reasoning quiz base to gain mastery. Additionally we continually add new resources to help students.

  • Content developed by expert educators
  • In alignment with College board

Go Farther Than You Ever Dreamed!

Get the best classroom experience and real-time insights into students' performance using the Kapdec mobile app

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Commonly asked questions

How do I enroll in this program?

Contact our academic counselor by email: or by calling India (+91) 7428633740 or US (+1) 2162439430

What is the program cost?

The academic counselor can explain the cost along with the other details.

For students who join a small group coaching cohort system, they pay less. But students who take 1-1 personalized classes pay slightly higher. Either way, our pricing is designed so that any student anywhere in the globe can learn without worrying about the high cost of coaching classes compared to other providers. 

What about the schedule of the classes?

Each Cohort group meets three days a week. Students will follow either a Mon-Wed-Fri Schedule or Tue-Thu-Sat Schedule. The weekends will be reserved for students to finish their homework assignments.

For the individual coaching programs, the schedule is more flexible and can be tailored to each student needs. 

Is this a Live Online Course? or a Hybrid? Or Offline coaching?

Vedic math coaching is done using online mode. Students join our classes through the Kapdec Smart Room. The Smart Room is an interactive and live classroom where students meet their teachers through our advanced live video meetings and participate in class discussions using an interactive and collaborative whiteboard. Students learn, get their doubts cleared, collaborate with other students, practice their skills using the adaptive quizzes, and learn about various other advanced tools that truly help students gain skills in math, science, and much more. Thus, learning continues beyond the live sessions.

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