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  Sat, 27 August

  7:00 pm IST

 60 mins LIVE

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What is Vedic Math?

to use a calculator is human do mental math is divine

The word Vedic is a derivative of Vedas. Therefore, Vedas are the inspiration for Vedic Mathematics. There are four Vedas: the Rigveda, the Yajurveda, the Samaveda, and the Atharvaveda. Out of these four, the Atharvaveda is the basis of science and technology. From this fourth Veda (the Atharvaveda), we have taken the methods to calculate and learn advanced mathematics.

Vedic math was revived by Indian Mathematician Jagadguru Shri Bharti Krishna Tirthaji between 1911-18. He studied these ancient text for years, and after multi-year of scholarly research, he reconstructed a series of mathematical formulae called Sutras. Sutras as the basis of the entirety of Vedic Mathematics.

An easy comparison:

Vedic mathematics sutras help you calculate 10 - 15 times faster.

Eliminates finger counting

Eliminates the need of a calculator. 

Know Your Coach - Ms. Manupriya Tomer

"I help my students reach their goals through interactive coaching and mentoring." 

A Mentor

Ms. Manupriya has coached thousands of students globally and helped transform students' lives by empowering them with an essential life skill: that is: "perform mental math".



With an experience of more than five years of teaching olympiad mathematics and Vedic mathematics, Ms. Manupriya is well equipped to turn any student into a math genius.


Top Academician

Ms. Manupriya has accomplished a master's degree in computer applications and a bachelor's in science. In addition, have cleared the toughest competitive exams and is a certified Vedic Math Teacher.


The Math Lady 

Proudly having earned the best math faculties in various academic institutes and having taught more than 1,500 students, Ms. Tomer knows how to beat a calculator and will teach her students as well.

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"The session was knowledgeable. I got to learn something extra and in a very unique manner"
Saranya Nanda
"Thank you for hosting such an informative and profound masterclass. I could brush up my basic concepts and also learn new things. The learning is un-paralleled compared to other sessions I've attended. Great Work!"
Riddhima Mishra
"It was a very good class and helped me in maths to make my calculations easier"
Akshita Sharma
"I have gained so much knowledge from just one session. Looking forward to the upcoming sessions. Overall, a great experience!"
Vidhi Pandey
"Punnett square has always been a tough topic for me. But the way this concept was simplified by the teacher was just amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed the live quiz on using Punnett squares to solve genetics problems."
Priyanshu Kapoor
"The session was very useful. It helped me for a quick revision and all the points were explained thoroughly. Thank you!"

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